On Track Psychological Services

Clinical Psychology & 
Neuropsychological Assessment

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Learning  Assessments

Depending on the referral question testing will vary based on the issues and age of the child, however at On Track Psychological Services you may expect::

  • Parent / Carer interview including developmental and educational history (parents only)
  • Cognitive testing (thinking and reasoning ability)
  • Achievement testing (academic skills)
  • Other relevant tests, as determined by performance during the assessment and also to assess specific issues such          as attention/focus)
  • Provision of a detailed report with summary and diagnostic opinion - provided within 3 working weeks
  • Individualised, specific learning recommendations for school and home
  • Feedback session

Depending on the referral question and testing required, 4 sessions are usually required

  1. Initial parent consultation (30-50 mins)
  2. Assessment session #1 (90-150 mins)
  3. Assessment session #2 (90-150 mins)
  4. Feedback session for parents (50 mins)

What are the fees?

The total ranges from $1500 to $1850 depending on the length of the testing appointments. If you have a Health Care card fees are reduced to between $1200 to $1550. Payment plans are available, however the report will not be provided and the feedback session will not occur until final payment has been made.  Unfortunately, Medicare does not currently supply rebates for these services. This is currently under government review. Some private medical insurers may cover some of the cost. Contact your insurer and supply Item Numbers 100 and 200 to see if you may receive a benefit.